Sunday, March 11, 2012

Disneyland! January '12

The last days of my maternity leave, we decided to spend in Disneyland!  We drove down (anthony was a great baby), stayed the night with Nikki and had our first real date night out at Gjelina - amazing! It was so nice visiting and anthony had a great night with auntie nik.  Day 2: off to Disneyland!

Here we go! (We had an interesting start, eating, blowout, but eventually, 45mins after parking - we were on the go!)

On the tram!

Anthony's first picture in front of the Mickey flowers, well.. kind of.. :)

Look who's here!!! Gran & Grampa!

Look who else! Cousin Jack!

Waiting in line to meet Mickey the Mouse..

Little nap on Mama <3

Waiting in line for Pirate's!  Anthony's first and last ride of the trip.  He didn't hate it but we were so consumed with him and how he felt.. we didn't even pay attention to the ride. Parenthood! :)

The cousins taking a nap... through the ENTIRE fireworks show!

Bye, Disneyland! See you real soon!! :)

Happy 4 Months Sweet Boy! - March 6th, 2012

AND... Happy First Tooth!!

Mommy and Daddy love you! You gigle all the time when Daddy bounces you around but you get distracted by Mommy trying to record it. :) You are growing too fast but we are always so happy to see your smiling face every morning and night! xoxo

Saturday, March 3, 2012

a day at the park with the green cousins!! - picture heavy

I am not working Monday's as I make my way back from maternity leave.  This was my first week of Tues-Friday work.  Previously, I had off Mondays and Fridays.  This Monday, February 27th, Jen, Jack and Maddy came to our house and we took an afternoon stroll to the local park! We had so much fun and so did the kiddos. :)

a day in sonoma

Anthony was having a difficult (other parents would laugh at what we consider "difficult" - what?! we have a super good baby! we don't know any different. :) thankfully!) day so we decided to take a drive out to Sonoma Square for a late lunch and walk.  We tried to eat at the girl and the fig but Eric said the hostess was frantic "must be her first day on the job" so we left to a quick cafe.  After enjoying a delicious sammy at the Sunflower Cafe.. we took a stroll shopping and getting truffles.  We go to cross the street and a white extra expensive car rolls by.. Eric says "that looked like that Lady Gaga chick." I did not hesitat with a not-so-nice response, "NO WAY! she would not be in Sonoma of all places.  That was probably just some old rich guys' arm candy."  Of course, I only saw the back of the car, not the blonde in the passenger's seat.   Lo and behold.

Here I am SO excited.

And here is Anhony.. not excited at all.

He started warming up at the Sunflower Cafe.

Jack's birthday party!

Happy 4th Birthday, Nephew Jackson!!! The Giacobazzi's love you!!!

Hi, Maddy! And welcome to your first birthday party! :) PS - cute tutu, huh?! 

No pictures, Aunt Laura! I just woke up!

Anthony hanging with his Uncles!

He was happy begin with the boys.

What Mom?! Can't I just hang out with Grampa without you snapping away?!