Sunday, March 11, 2012

Disneyland! January '12

The last days of my maternity leave, we decided to spend in Disneyland!  We drove down (anthony was a great baby), stayed the night with Nikki and had our first real date night out at Gjelina - amazing! It was so nice visiting and anthony had a great night with auntie nik.  Day 2: off to Disneyland!

Here we go! (We had an interesting start, eating, blowout, but eventually, 45mins after parking - we were on the go!)

On the tram!

Anthony's first picture in front of the Mickey flowers, well.. kind of.. :)

Look who's here!!! Gran & Grampa!

Look who else! Cousin Jack!

Waiting in line to meet Mickey the Mouse..

Little nap on Mama <3

Waiting in line for Pirate's!  Anthony's first and last ride of the trip.  He didn't hate it but we were so consumed with him and how he felt.. we didn't even pay attention to the ride. Parenthood! :)

The cousins taking a nap... through the ENTIRE fireworks show!

Bye, Disneyland! See you real soon!! :)

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  1. yay for disneyland! can't wait for all the cousins to go together :)

    SO nice for Nikki to set you guys up with a bed, babysitter, and dinner!!!!!

    i love that jack slept through the fireworks AGAIN this year!

    anthony is such a good little man, love him!